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Cryptoforforests funds sustainable forest restoration projects through cryptocurrency honey purchases and donations. 

Buy New Zealand Manuka honey using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Profits from sales are used to seed-fund the restoration of native forests.



Manuka Honey is in high demand because of its natural antibacterial properties. 

We sell authentic Manuka Honey sourced directly from NZ beekeepers.

All Manuka Honey on this site is tested for potency and taste. 


Cryptocurrency Donations

Make a cryptocurrency donation to help accelerate projects that are creating real, positive and long term ecological impact.


Tūī are part of the honeyeater family and unique to New Zealand, they have 2 voice boxes giving them the ability to mimic other sounds, such as music, cars and voices.

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Why Ecological Restoration?

In New Zealand, most of the forests were burnt down by humans. The remaining forests, that were once vibrant and colourful with birdsong, are now falling silent due to the introduction of new, highly invasive, pest species.  Ecological restoration projects seek to prevent further extinctions and rehabilitate the diverse natural wildlife that has been the natural history of these islands.

A rising movement to restore nature is spreading. We wish to add fuel and resource to this movement. New Zealand is leading the world in ecological restoration strategy and science. With new access to the world of crypto and manuka honey, we will work to restore unique wildlife biodiversity.

Why Manuka Honey?

Manuka trees are the natural beginning of new native forests in New Zealand. They are a vital beginning of the food-chain, providing habitat and food for insects and birds.

Manuka Honey can be produced from the trees. This unique honey has potent, antimicrobial properties which are used in medicine and as a healthy food supplement. Planting more Manuka trees allows new native forest to grow and produces the ecologically sustainable Manuka Honey. Once planted and grown the forest becomes financially sustainable.


The Ruru or Morepork is New Zealand's only surviving native Owl.

Photo by Peter Eastwood

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Why use cryptocurrency?

It's a rapidly growing technology that is changing finance in the same way the internet has changed communication. We're cryptocurrency enthusiasts, passionate about using it for real world applications.

If you’re new to crypto, we can help you get setup. If you're  in NZ we recommend Easycrypto as a first step.

We accept over 825 cryptocurrencies through Coinpayments, including Bitcoin, Potcoin, Ether, Zcash and Monero.

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