Our Story.

It started with a lifelong passion to save and preserve the natural environment. Initially direct action protests were used to protect ancient forests from logging. Eventually, in New Zealand (still working on parts of Australia) we won the battle and the remains of these ancient forests are now protected. 


The reality is that it can be challenging to find ways for most people to have a direct impact on saving and restoring the natural environment. Our goal is to use cryptocurrency technology to help fund the real world application of ecological restoration. Our goal is to support projects that are intrinsically important for the long term biological diversity of life on earth.

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New Zealand has a great opportunity through the Manuka Honey industry, which depends on the survival and expansion of the indigenous forests.

Creating an accountable method to create and sustain Ecological Manuka Forestry allows support of real projects that are proven to make an effective positive ecological difference. Intrinsically this is deeply satisfying, especially when one can visit sites and see the changes the investments are making.

In New Zealand we have been developing the Manuka Honey industry and successfully exporting this thereputic product. The ability to meet international Manuka Honey demand is dependent on more trees being planted.

Our native wildlife has been under threat due to the clearing of forests for traditional sheep and cattle farming. There is now a business case to grow native forests in order to produce honey. The Manuka tree is the natural beginning of a forest, creating habitat and food source that allows the foodchain to begin. A new manuka forest is only ecologically sustainable if it protects and allows diversification of indigenous wildlife. This is possible through predetor control and diversification of additional indiginous plant species.  This new industry has to opportunity to couple business growth with ecological restoration. We are excited to develop this and use blockchain technology to allow other like minded people to invest.

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The opportunity is available to invest in truly sustainable forestry restoration projects, that are financially profitable, increases indigenous biodiversity, and works as a carbon sink to slow down climate change.

These principles linked with the new opportunity that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology provide is an exciting opportunity to make a tangible and real long lasting positive impact on this planet.

Within New Zealand and internationally forests and the species living within them are under threat and declining. In New Zealand we have been practicing restoration and have a strategy and plan for its implementation. Cryptoforforests creates a bridge for those who have foresight and care about life on earth to be able to make a real constructive and positive difference. 

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